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Romoss 1M MFI Lightning Cable Round CB13 (White)

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 With the help of USB cable, iPhone can be charged like any modern mobile device. Now the choice is large and buy a cable for iPhone 7 is not difficult. However, how to choose a high-quality cable? Let’s try to understand.


Before you purchasing an USB cable, for charging or data transmission, you should make sure if there is a mark of official Apple MFi certification. Apple MFi certification is an identification use license to external accessories made by Apple-authorized manufacturers. It is the English abbreviation of “Made for iPhone”, “Made for iPad”, or “Made for iPod”.


Lightning connector cable is small and difficult part, which is difficult to copy quality. Original connector consists of a single part with a flat and smooth surface, and the contacts are rounded. C48 Lightning connector is originally made by Apple. The Apple certification chip is set inside for official guarantee. It supports upgrading to iOS 9.3 and subsequent systems.


Romoss CB13 is such a cable coming with C48 Lightning connector and official Apple MFi certification. In addition, it adopts integrated both side design without front and back. And the insertion is at both sides. The 8-pin signaling is highly resistant to interference. This Romoss cable is supportive to interfaces of iPhone/iPod/iPad Lightning. The 2.4A fast charging leads to significant reduction of charging time and faster data transmission. And the suitable 1M length makes the desk wiring neat without twist. What’s more, the cable casting is made of a high-quality TPE environmental-protective material that provides a fine hand felling and high flexibility.


  • Length: 1M
  • Material: TPE
  • Compatibility: Lightning interfaces
  • 2.4A High Speed Charging

  1 year warranty


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